Furry love.

Furry cuties taking rest at IHCAE, Chemchey, Sikkim. April 2015.

Trampling on wet moss and autumn leaves while ascending a steep path or tiptoeing your way across moraine rocks can send your mind into a trance of peaceful solitude, especially when no other human feet are there to accompany your steps. At times like these, a sudden sensation of soft fur brushing past your bare knee can be a true source of joy.

So if you have got such a furry companion on your solo trek, then your emotional and lonely troubles may soon tumble off the cliff.

Even if it is a group that you are journeying the hills with, and by some unfortunate circumstance some members turn out to be really unsuitable companions, the dogs are never going to let you down.

One of our BMC companions. Bakarthach base camp. July 2019.

The quiet acknowledgment of the fact that a soul is following your steps, sometimes leading the way, and behaving like an age-old friend offering protection, can settle soothing vibes of peace. The exhaustive panting might turn into gasps of delight, and the pain in your legs may seem like a valuable effort awaiting delicious fruits.

A solemn fellow indeed. Manali. July 2019.

Of course, if you are a dog-lover then quick cuddles are mandatory, followed by a tasty treat for the furry bundle of joy.

Dogs are resplendent with plentiful gestures of kindness, and being a persistent companion in the face of tremendous risk and danger is one of them. Humans can only offer their love as a symbol of gratitude, and they should.

One of my BMC batch mates showing love to a puppy. Near Solang Nalla. July 2019.

Here I am just referring to dogs as cats do not really accompany people along hiking trails (notwithstanding the fact that I love cats equally), and remain in close vicinity to houses.

As far as I have experienced in the Himalayas, whenever one treads upon a mountain trail, tiny or bigger furry paws also tread lightly at oneโ€™s side. It does feel like a mystery why they tend to come along, without the slightest provocation or apparent need (other than being fed treats, of course).

Spread that furry love!

P.S. – The second photo included here had been clicked by one of my BMC batch mates.

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4 thoughts on “Furry love.

  1. Mountain dogs! Such lovely pictures and an equally accurate writeup about the joys of finding a four legged companion on trails ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have had the good fortune of being accompanied by dogs and sometimes puppies, on umpteen trails around the Sahyadris and the sheer joy and energy they showcase, is enough to make even the most dreary of days light up! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are undoubtedly the best companions you can find on a tiring journey up a steep hill or mountain. I personally have never been deprived of a dog’s company whenever I have ventured up the altitude, even if it was for a bit. It feels as if they consider it their duty to guide us helpless humans!

      Liked by 1 person

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