Get off of her nerves.

The unparalleled feelings of standing at a great altitude above the plains, witnessing spectacular panoramic views of glaciers making a white pathway up a steep face of a mountain, or looking down a crevasse of unfathomable depths while acquiring a victorious sense of survival are all dazzling elements of a hike or expedition. A domineering vibe of relaxation descends on our soul and our mind and body are freshly charged up with bouts of energy.

Yet, we might as well not venture on an unexplored trail sometimes. It is better on some occasions to leave nature at her quiet repose instead of barging in and leaving big, prominent footprints trumpeting our arrival.

Blooming in all their glory. Sikkim. April 2015.

We can observe from a distance. If the icicles on a distant ridge are glittering like a thousand jewels and enticing your feet passionately to come forth and witness a spectacle, it might be best to just leave them be. Spectacles lose their beauty on frequent foreign intrusion, so it would be worthwhile to keep that grime in our own shoes.

An unexplored peak might seem like a long-sought for conquest for many crazy mountaineers, but maybe the mountain is not seeking our presence. Leaving it as unchartered territory, as it is, would be silently doing the mountain a favor by simply respecting its existence, and not treating it like a prize to be acquired.

A forest in the absence of humans. Nepal, October, 2019.

 It is heavily evident to all of us that human intrusion pollutes any natural phenomenon. A lush green valley with snow-capped peaks towering ahead, a sparkling blue lake in the vicinity of snowy glaciers, or a forest of trees illuminated by sun rays streaming in from overhead, all look beautiful in the absence of homo sapiens.

So if you’ve not made it to that summit, don’t get bogged down.

Leave that unknown path through the forest be.

A lake sparkling and crystal-clear. Phalut, October 2019.

That age-old lake up there on the shoulder of a mountain doesn’t need you; it is already sparkling in all its glory.

Engage in mountain cleaning expeditions and do the world a favor.

It is expected that such a motivation is hard to inculcate for an adventurous soul, but one must think from the earth’s perspective sometimes, and get off of her nerves.


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10 thoughts on “Get off of her nerves.

  1. The line which I like most and that is 100 percent true….”That age old -lake up there on the shoulder of a mountain doesn’t need you ;it is already sparkling in all its glory”

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