Gone with the wind.

I have to admit, I need to blow a little off of my normal trajectory of work, pertaining to mountains. So let’s descend to my homeland or the plains, and delve into a few minutes of a stormy evening which I spent on the terrace of my building.

The quarantine has been no excuse for letting my workout sessions fly out of my reach, hence the inner tingling sensation whenever I feel myself lazing out too much.

So I slipped into my sweatshirt, slacks and trainers and rushed up the four floors to the roof, the helm of my top flapping behind me. I amplified my pace in much-awaited anticipation of a relief from the sultry heat which had made us into sweating wet blobs of skin.

A typical thunderstorm during the almost intolerable summer days in my city, Kolkata, is usually something that our hearts yearn for. When a shadow of darkness is cast over our rooms, a cool breeze wafts inside and we hear the low and deep grumble of clouds, our souls are washed down by ethereal joy.

I pushed the door open and the strong cool wind almost lashed out against me. My eyes started to sting and my fingers frantically rubbed off the dust sticking to my eyeballs. I felt a few droplets tickling my face and arms.

I looked up at the sky. A red hue gradually mixed in with a blackish blue near the horizon. At times golden streaks of lightning flashed across, and revealed probable inter-galactic portals to alien civilizations. The deep rumbling was probably some message we are yet to decipher.

I got down to work and started a sprint from one end to the other, my hair frequently trying to get into my eyes and panting mouth.

The wind. While resting I closed my eyelids and gulped down doses of fresh, cool air into my lungs. Large coconut trees were swaying and the leaves were nodding their slender arms. Clothes let out to dry were fluttering and creating ghostly shadows dancing merrily on the walls. Doors inside near and distant buildings were slamming shut, yielding to the power of the mighty wind. The wet smell that it brought to my nostrils seemed to have floated from mermaid kingdoms submerged deep within oceanic waters.

Well this raging tempest seemed to carry me away from the shores of the conscious world to those of another brighter one, I suppose.

P.S. – credits of the photo given goes to Kenneth Hagemeyer (via Flickr).

Published by alientrekker

An alien cherishing her best moments on some mountains of the earth.

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