Hello, universe.

My Love. A beautiful sight from Camp 1 of Kshetidhar peak near Beas Kund. On the day of scaling upto 15700 feet from Bakharthach base camp. 20th July 2019. ABVIMAS Basic Mountaineering Course.

Greetings to all wallflowers and mountain lovers.

Hey people!

I’m a 21st century brat who sprung out of her mother’s womb in 1999. This world, howsoever ethereal or abject a predicament it might be in, welcomed me with open arms, and I can’t be more grateful, for the countless opportunities of getting on my fellow humans’ nerves.

Um, I guess that was a bit of an idiosyncratic start.

Well, I am just an ordinary face amidst the crowd that you jostle your way through on the bus or the metro every day. Yet I do wish to make this enterprise worthwhile for you.

 I intend to harp on topics like mountains, daily life observations and last but definitely not the least, my hopelessly gigantic problem of social awkwardness. The last problem has largely to do with my personality, and has begun to subside recently. But I do believe that such a problem is hugely relevant for a considerable number of people, hence my effort to discuss on a public platform.

I’m going to share a very frequent experience that I used to have out on the streets. The fruit vendor or grocer I’m talking to quite inevitably would assume that I cannot speak proper Bengali, or that I am not a native speaker, so they would switch to Hindi or ask, ‘Tumi Bangla jano na?’ (Don’t you know Bengali?)

(My head silently screaming and my heart stifling a sob)

A big round of applause to the habit of stuttering acquired in my childhood.

I silently accept the packet of fruits and go on my way, awaiting another chance to smoothen out my fumbling tongue.

Anyways I hope I’m not boring the life out of you with such a personal experience.

My blogs would also include, as aforementioned, tales of my visits to the mountains (with whom I have a lifelong relationship with) and arbitrary yet interesting snippets of the world around me.

Next week, I’m going to upload a piece on the value of existence (it’s actually a three-year old article, but I thought it wouldn’t be so bad to share it here).

Here does this week’s misery stop.


Sumedha Mukherjee

Born in Kolkata, India

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