Shake that booty. (for exercise)

Our BMC team making it’s way to 15,700 ft from Bakarthach base camp. July, 2019.

Pulling yourself up from the warmth and comfort of your pillows only to drop down flat again to grab those last few winks of sleep is one of those hurdles which caress your head and lure you away from a fitness regime. For those budding adventurers whose feet are tingling to trek through those rarely trodden paths and explore beautiful hillside scenery or white glaciers dazzling in the sunlight, here are a few instructions that you can follow to keep those muscles tight.

Keep yourself busy: Regularly doing those household chores is quite a hectic job which is also why it is beneficial. So watering the plants, mopping the floors, and kneading the wheat dough are actually awesome tasks that burn that fat from your skin and make your wrists strong. This period of lockdown is ideal for enhancing these domestic skills, some of which also stuff more fitness tricks up your sleeves.

Meditate: If this compulsion to stay indoors is getting on your nerves and the extension of an unwarranted vacation at home is feeling like an eternity, you always have a solace to turn to-your own self. Go to the balcony or upstairs to the terrace, inhale the fresh air and focus on yourself. Let that wave of optimism and enterprise wash down your soul. Let those mountains flash in the horizon of the darkness facing your closed eyes. Soon you’ll feel that adrenaline rush charging up your sagging muscles and pushing yourself to prepare for that next adventure (whenever that’ll be).

Yeah that’s me doing a split at ABVIMAS, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. July, 2019.

Keep that head brimming with dreams: An essential prerequisite to motivate your booty to shuffle around every day is a vivid and dazzling inspiration before yourself. A dream which is clear as day would pull you towards it through thick and thin. So read and learn about those obscure hiking routes, the ideal stamina that you should possess above 4000 meters’ altitude, and that mind-boggling rock face where you would like to test your finger strength one day. Yeah, chasing your dream whilst being stranded at home is also a thing provided you know how.

Elevate those spirits: I know it’s easier said than done, but I might add that my mood becomes bright after a little exhaustive session. So attaining that vibrant temperament may be the reason behind your aching thigh muscles and the beads of sweat trickling down your spine and forehead.

Eat healthy: One may face constraints in procuring adequate resources for nourishment and energy in this time of crisis. But gobbling up any kind of home-made meal (healthy of course) would serve the purpose of keeping up to your strenuously exercising body’s needs.

Do let me know if you have more suggestions!

P.S. – Both the photos have been clicked by two of my BMC batchmates.

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