Girl of the Earth.

Chintakphu top, Nepal in June 2018. In frame: Ishika Saha. Clicked by Ratnadeep Roy

Deadlines to cross, files to finish

Her shirt buttoned up tight

Lips pursed, shoulders tense

Tired muscles working late at night.

Invisible ropes bind her limbs

To the clockwork of the social machine

Her soul seeks for peace under

Fake smiles, eye glitter and sheen.

She drags her soul to the slopes

Where the calm breeze and cricket buzz

Flow through the trees in mixed harmony

Blurring out car horns and office fuss.

The earth senses her presence

Feels her weary eyes and tangled nerves

Invisible roots clutch her ankles

She slips, and slides down a muddy curve.

Splotches of grime and soil

Stick to her palms and trousers

Her face vacant, gaping mouth

Awake from a deep, tiring slumber.

Her greasy hands reach her cheeks

Leaving a fresh muddy streak

Over those weary cheek muscles

Flashing an ear-to-ear smile, at joy’s peak.

Leaping and rolling in fresh dirt

Sunshine glimmering in her eyes

Calm pervades every inch of her body

Earth has embraced her, with arms open wide.


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Published by alientrekker

An alien cherishing her best moments on some mountains of the earth.

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