Red Roads.

Two of my energetic trek mates. Yuksom, February 2021. Clicked by Aryan Singh

Lines appear on my forehead. They try to connect the nervous synapses, send out electrical signals to my mouth. My tongue fumbles for the right words. But it is confused and tired while searching in a forest of words. The words are there, but unwilling to be hurled out in speech.

Thus appears my brain as my face twitches in pain. The menstrual cup has not fit properly. It feels like a heavy object protruding at the bottom. A monster with hot tentacles grips my skin occasionally.

The words are waiting inside, but get dragged down by pangs of embarrassment.

On those five days in a month, my senses acquire a superhuman quality. I automatically assign my body a fortress, deep within which my secrets are locked. But anyway, the fortress is broken once in a while, when the words finally reach others’ ears.

When I push against gravity on a beautiful mountain slope, my body oozes various liquids- sweat, tears, and also, well, period. A 70-litre sack weighs down on my shoulders, while my hips bulge downward. The pain and cramps lessen as my body goes through physical strain and exhaustion. Muscles stretch and pain sears through my calf muscles with every step up the slope.

Nepal, June 2018. Clicked by Ratnadeep Roy

But then my pants- what if my trek mate sees that huge stain on my trousers? Can’t leave me at peace even on a trek, eh? Walls of uncertainty cave in- what if fatigue catches up with me faster, or we don’t reach our destination before my cup overflows?

Yet I soon forget these thoughts as the mountain embraces me tightly in her bosom. I get submerged in the serene forest, fresh air entering my lungs, and gorgeous peaks beaming in the distance. My fellow trek mates also distract me by silly jokes, motivational words, and bringing up topics that come up only during precious treks.

Well, at the trekkers’ hut, those lines reappear on my forehead. I wash and replace the cup with clenched teeth and totally unrelaxed nerves. I hear giggles and singing outside, and long to finish up fast and get out of this wooden toilet. When it’s finally done, I let out a sigh of relief as I am set for the night.

My heart leaps in joy for being granted a few hours of relief.

For being granted a comfortable, stain-free journey along the red roads.

Towards Dzongri, February 2021.

P.S. – to every strong lady out there, DO NOT let your periods overpower your thirst for adventure. It’s a short life. Go out and live it.


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2 thoughts on “Red Roads.

  1. 💕💕💕 wow … Wonder how you can make some of the uneasy subject so serene and beautiful … You have a wonderful way with words and i can read you for days 😌

    Liked by 1 person

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