Dancing Dusks

When I could no longer strain my eyes on the tiny texts on my glaring laptop screen, those registered sensory signals lodged themselves in the crevices of my brain, my hands shot up into the air while my aching spine stretched itself, and I glanced outside the window. The sunlight had receded from the tree leaves’ side and presently chose to play with the white fluffy clouds instead, soon to become weary of their company as well.

My feet came to life and immediately carried me up the stairwell through four floors and finally to the terrace. The recent bout of rain had left little puddles for my feet to splash in, and a drenched aura hung in the air. The mischievous deeds of the sunlight proved a bit more ambitious this day, a little more desperate to leave a mark in the sky.

Among the gigantic cumulonimbi drowned in a golden glow and the flocks of birds leaving black trails in the strikingly blue sky, appeared a rainbow. Hesitantly in the beginning, then slowly peeking out from the clouds’ side, and finally coming out gloriously with a magnificent reveal of its colors. Like an individual laying himself or herself bare without the slightest misgiving, it was a spectacular phenomenon, instantly dominating the sky and seizing the reins of a drab and gloomy day and leading it into a cheerful evening. The birds chattered and twittered in celebration of it, and the sunlight unleashed crimson colors dancing on the horizon and beyond.

Yet it was only a matter of time before my mind, prancing about in a jolly air and fluttering among those dusky hues which dashed about the sky and tinged the clouds with a magical glow, would descend back down to the warm white concrete and heave a sigh amidst the incessant hubbub of the noisy streets. The rainbow would withdraw to the shadows, leaving behind the memory of a transient but ethereal feeling.

With dazzled eyes, sweat patches forming on my shirt, slippers flapping against my heels and a keen mind, I turn my gaze towards the sky. I await more sunsets when the dusky hues dance like wild maniacs to fend off their troubles, and fuel those dreams simmering in our guts.

P.S. – All the photos have been captured at Kolkata between September and October, 2020.


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An alien cherishing her best moments on some mountains of the earth.

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