Reel of thrill.

The high definition (highest possible maybe) lens that each human is naturally born with is subject to a plethora of frames and sceneries and helps channel information accordingly to the brain, like all the other senses. Some beautiful shades mark a shift from the usual and dull hues to which we open our sleepy eyelids every day. They strike our eyes and mould our drooping moods into vivacious beams of energy.

A beautiful frame from the reel of an adventure. Solang Nalla, July 2019.

A magnificent visual experience is one of the primary reasons why people venture out towards good old mountains or other natural phenomena. Some of the sights or scenes stick, and we replay them over and over again in our heads like a favorite movie.

A vibrant palette of shades dominates the reel playing out before the eyes when one finds oneself on a mountain. The usual frames shed their dull quality and embark on a mission to thrill the optical nerves. Let’s explore some of these visual wonders, shall we?

The golden beams of sunlight pouring through cracks in the green canopies of dense tree leaves dazzled my eyes when I rubbed them while stepping outside my tent with wobbly feet. The bright morning called forth a staggering and amazing sight of the sun kissing the white snow-capped peaks of the Kanchenjunga range, against the stark blue hue of the endless sky.

While laboring up a steep snow slope my companions and myself all had one snazzy aspect in our appearance: we donned dark goggles or sunglasses. Short of that the blinding white hue of the snow would have wreaked havoc with our optical functions (encountering snow blindness can result in loss of vision for until two days or even more).

The variegated contours and patterns of hills and valleys leave a permanent memory with one who has sharp eyes. The resemblance of a sleeping Buddha wrought on the Kanchenjunga range standing out against the light hues of dawn still persists in my memory.

The sleeping Buddha. October 2019.

The darkness which descended upon a lone base camp was pierced only by the bright yellow flames of a bonfire, the recurring image of which appeared in every one’s eyes long after they were doused.

While panting and hustling up a hill and devoting every drop of energy to our aching legs, we noticed a group of school children swinging their bags of books on their backs and merrily heading towards their school. A sense of relaxation pervaded us and adrenaline filled up our sagging muscles.

School children who lent energy and confidence to us. Solang, July 2019.

The color of the tents we sleep in, observing the path carefully while descending a dangerously steep slope, that particular rock marked out for sitting on during those long knot learning classes, identifying trek mates by the color of their jackets, etching the different patterns in a constellation of glittering stars in your heart, all testify to the inevitable significance of those eyeballs.

The conclusion of an adventure throws a heavy load on our hearts and jabs those eyes like a needle, so that soon teardrops of pure emotion start streaming from them.

The end of one reel would lead to more thrilling motion pictures for one’s eyes!


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