Slip off of that bad mood.

The usual wet path we trod upon on our Chintaphu trek (Nepal, June 2018)

Hey guys. It seems that the corona pandemic is raging in almost every nook and cranny of the world and really eating our brains out. Well, nonetheless, get a grip on that tiniest pinch hold of hope, and everything’s going to stabilize very soon. Meanwhile, let’s just trip and fall into the grasp of our dearest hobbies.

There is moss under your feet. Little tufts of green shining on frequent patches on the dirt road your feet are cautiously treading upon. They feel moist and slimy when you touch them. Now, fresh droplets of water trickle through your fingers.

It is drizzling.

You hurriedly pull out your water-proof poncho and haul it over your rucksack and shoulders. You lick off of your lips the drops of rain running down your partially covered face. Suddenly something gets in your eye and you lift your gaze from the path.

Then it happens. You’re facing the cloudy sky with your rucksack and bottom smeared with mud.

Leeches creep up your legs stealthily while you draw a long breath, pulling yourself up for the umpteenth time.

Slip and fall is a quite common incidence when you are engaging in a monsoon trek (happens especially with me). Gravity seems to love your buttocks and constantly attempts to drag them down to earth. After you stand on your feet again, you scratch your head, let out a deep sigh and place your steps carefully on the steep and slippery ground. Then when your mischievous mind deceives you in believing that that foot was well-placed, your feet are in the air again.

Your innards start to tingle, you grip that stick more firmly and your brain registers thoughts like your feet are not equipped for this sort of terrain.

But soon you just get accustomed to the habit. Eventually your heart has a large vacant space all for use by wet, slippery mountain terrain. You fall in love with all of it. Your heart soon calls out to nature.

So in any daunting situation, do not lose heart. Let yourself slither into the needed attitude to tackle this ordeal, just like the slimy moss strewn all over your path, striving to pull you down.

When you’re lying down, your feet having already yielded to the friction-less wet soil, breathe in deeply. Gaze into the beautiful grey atmosphere above. Grab the earth and let it settle on the skin of your palm and fingers. Then, when you feel you’re ready to face the road again, yank yourself up. Resume your journey with doubled confidence (after applying salt to the bloody patches of your legs and pulling those leeches out, of course).

Just slip off of that worsening mood. Don’t let it win.

Published by alientrekker

An alien cherishing her best moments on some mountains of the earth.

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